Multi-Unit Weatherization

DHS Multifamily Weatherization Assistance Program

The Multifamily Weatherization Assistance Program is a federally funded, income qualified energy conservation program that provides free energy conservation services to income qualified Michigan residents who reside in multi-family properties, such as apartment buildings. Michigan Community Action Agency Association (MCAAA), in partnership CLEAResult Consulting, is responsible for the administration of the Multifamily Weatherization Assistance Program through the Michigan Department of Human Services.

In addition to the economic benefits of lower utility bills, weatherizing a building makes the units more comfortable for its residents, improves the safety of combustion appliances, such as furnaces and water heaters, and has a broader impact in terms of the environmental benefits that come from reducing energy usage and reducing the building’s carbon footprint. Weatherization also reduces dependence on foreign energy sources and creates direct and indirect jobs in local economies.

Residents and owners of multifamily buildings may apply for the Multifamily Weatherization Assistance Program by contacting their local Community Action Agency, or by calling CLEAResult Consulting, toll free, at 877-856-2456.

Contractors who are interested in qualifying to bid on Multifamily Weatherization Assistance Program projects may contact the agencies in their areas or CLEAResult Consulting.

Building Application & Supporting Documents

Information for Building Owners and Weatherization Contractors

Program Overview (PDF Format)
Building Application Information (PDF Format)
Building Application Instructions (PDF Format)
Building Application (PDF Format)

CLEAResult Wx-RFQ-Technical Assistance (PDF Format)
Multi-Family Weatherization Assistance Program Presentation (PDF Format)
Leveraged Utility Partnership in the W.A.P. Network (PDF Format)

MCAAA Technical Monitoring RFP (08-31-2011) (PDF Format)
Technical Monitoring Contract-DRAFT (PDF Format)

Please contact your local Community Action Agency to learn how you can take advantage of this program in your area.
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